Learn About Herbs

In the pages you can reach via the links to the left of screen you can find useful information that will enable you to prepare your own herbal remedies and to use them safely.

Since a great many beneficial effects can be readily accessible through the use of herbal volatile or essential oils, we have included instructions for their use in aromatherapy.

The actual known active ingredients in medicinal herbs are presented. It is very useful to become acquainted with this technical language if you intend to use herbs medicinally.

An important sense of responsibility for the preservation of herbs is encouraged and a brief reminder is offered that herbs have been prepared for medicinal use for many centuries. Used with due care, they are safe and reliable. Indeed, they are far safer than pharmaceutical agents and frequently more effective.

Information about herbs tends to fall towards the extremes: either it is general and vague or else very dense and technical. Both extremes provide very little satisfying and useful guidelines.

We have tried to find a middle ground. Our information aims to be:

  • clear,
  • practical, and
  • to the point

while still being technically sound. There is an absence of 'fluff' and deliberate use of technical language, however:

  • we include only unavoidable and essential technical language,
  • write to educate and empower rather than complicate, and
  • issue important safety guidelines without terrifying you into inaction.

We sincerely hope that you find the information useful and that it increases your empowerment to manage your own and your family's health and wellbeing.




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