Healthy Living with Herbs

There is no doubt about it, herbs can add significantly to your quality of life. Not only can the culinary herbs lift an otherwise ordinary meal to the level of gourmet's delight, medicinally too herbs are worth their weight in gold.

In this section of we provide information about using herbs safely.

It is very important to exercise care and practise responsibility when taking herbs medicinally, whether to prevent or treat any condition.

Don't be alarmed by our emphasis on safety. We are not suggesting that you should be scarred to use herbs. Far from it. We recommend their use for the multitude of benefits they provide. We just want you to pay attention to some safe-use guidelines.

After all, the purpose of using herbs medicinally is to stay or become well. We want you to be well so you can fully enjoy the wonders of life. The Healthy Living section is about just that: healthy living.


So what's here?

In the pages within this section of the site we have details of many ways to use herbs in first aid. We don't simply mean for accidents and injuries. By "first aid" we simply mean the quickest and simplest herbal remedies that should be tried first for various conditions.

And yes, we do cover the usual first aid situations like bites and stings and cuts and abrasions. But we also cover things like catarrh and insomnia, which are not found in typical first aid manuals. Take a look, you may learn all sorts of useful tips.

A critical time in everyone's life is gestation. That's right, before we are even born! So it is absolutely vital during pregnancy to follow good health practices. We know the obvious ones right? No smoking (actually, this always applies... and to everyone!), very little or preferably no alcohol, excellent nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, and so on.

It is also important to have as few as possible medications - of any type, including herbal. In particular there are some herbs which should definitely be avoided so we have provided a simple list to help with this.

Of course, using herbs to assist with living well can be difficult if you can never get them right when you need them most. So it is handy to develop a home herbal medicine chest. We provide a list of herbs that are very handy to have on hand.

Due to our emphasis on using herbs safely, we have included a page of safety guidelines. Do have a look at this. Dozens of herbs are included and it is a handy reference.

Finally, in response to growing demand, we have included specific details and recommendations related to dealing with herpes. This requires more than herbs alone but they can be foundational to an effective treatment plan.




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