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After sporting a simple place-holder page for some time, this site was actually first published in the first few minutes of August 1st, 2005. As I write this, several hours later, I think it's fair to say this site is brand new. So please allow us a little more time to get something helpful on this page.

This site exists primarily as an information source. We have already learned from our experience at that people want further guidance on selecting products. There is certainly no shortage of products from which to choose.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our Health Products Site called, oddly enough,

You can read the official launch announcement at The Health Gazette.

Excellent Herbal formula preparations are available for all USA and Canadian residents and the world's leading nutraceuticals are available worldwide. You will find the very best tools available in the world for supporting your health and wellbeing at our HealthProductsSite. Guaranteed.

Currently we are at an advanced stage of a process designed to sift through the multitude of suppliers to identify only the very, very best. We simply will not recommend anything less.

We expect to be able to recommend suppliers of two distinct classes of product. These are:

  • individual herbs, for those who are ready to target specific needs or wish to make their own blends; and
  • premanufactured products for those wanting a little more guidance (and less work).

In both cases only the highest quality will be acceptable. We think you will be very pleased to see what we present here.




The Health Gazette

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