Avoid these Herbs while Pregnant

Although many herbs are useful during pregnancy and during giving birth there are many that should be avoided at this time and also when breast feeding. Some of the herbs listed are also culinary herbs. They are generally safe in cooking but not in medicinal doses.

The herbs are simply listed alphabetically in columns for quick reference. You could look up further details on herbs of interest in our Herbs A » Z section.

Quick Reference Chart
Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy
aloe vera caster oil mace
angelica catnip motherwort
ansie celandine mugwart
arnica celery myrrh
asafetda coltsfoot nutmeg
ashwaganda comfrey oregan grape root
barberry corydalis osha
basil dong quai parsley
black cohosh elecampane pennyroyal
bladderwrack ephedra pleurisy root
blessed thistle fenugreek prickly ash
blood root feverfew quassia
blue cohosh goldenseal red clover
blue flag guggul rue
borage horehound senna
buchu hyssop thuja
bugleweed ipecac vervain
california poppy juniper vitex (Chaste tree)
camphor lemongrass wild indigo
cascara sagrada licorice wormwood
cassia lobelia yarrow


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