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Details of 95 Common Herbs

Yes, there really are 95 common herbs described in this section. No, they're not on this page! Read below to discover how we organized them and where you can find some case studies.

Deciding just how to present all of the details for so many herbs was a bit of a challenge. We divided the herbs alphabetically into groups of around a dozen or so. I guess that means we went for "alpha - numeric"!

An alphabetical listing doesn't seem very inspired but it is simple and workable. We chose not to go for a complex searchable database approach because we think simple beats complex in this situation.

The reason why a functional approach isn't an option when following this "keep it simple" rule will be quite obvious to anyone who already uses herbs. If you're new to herbs then you too will quickly see what we mean. It's just that each herb tends to have multiple functions, so classifying them functionally just becomes a confusing mess.

We also wanted to avoid listing all of the herbs on one single page. That would be like a partial site map and you can find them all listed there if you wish.

Instead, we have made an introductory page for each dozen or so herbs. To be sure to actually make those pages interesting and not simply a list with a dozen links, we decided to provide a short clinical case study on each page. There are seven pages and a couple dozen case studies so far, so we will rotate them to keep the pages interesting. We hope you like this approach.

Just follow the links in the navigation panel on the left of screen to access the herbs alphabetically and to read some case studies.




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