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There are well over 2 thousand plants which can be used in herbal medicine (and there are potentially many more as we continue to find out about plants in the jungles and forests of the world). So what can you provide at home?

It is possible to stock a small herbal medicine chest which will meet most of the day-to-day needs. The following list of herbs includes representatives of all the main actions and some specific ones as well. If you are going to stock a home medicine chest become familiar with the herbs that you place in it and use them with discretion.

The herbs may be stored as dried herbs or as tinctures.

Herbs for Your Home Medicine Chest
aniseed boneset
black willow burdock root
cayenne pepper celery seed
chamomile cleavers
coltsfoot comfrey
dandelion echinacea
elder false unicorn root
marshmellow meadowsweet
nettles peppermint
senna skullcap
thyme valerian
wormwood yarrow
yellow dock  

In addition to the herbs it would also be helpful to have the following in the form of ointments:

  • arnica
  • chickweed
  • comfrey
  • marigold

Distilled witch hazel should also be included.



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