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Are you well? I mean really well. Are you brim full of health and bursting with vitality? I hope so.

The trouble is, not enough people are. Really well I mean.

The good news is, there is plenty you can do to start - or keep - feeling well and it doesn't involve spending a fortune on pharmaceutical drugs or medical bills.

It's great that you have found this site. Bookmark us now because there is a lot more here than you can take in during this visit. Once again, welcome!

As health care professionals we are passionate about Primary Health Care. We firmly believe in empowering people with health knowledge so individuals can make informed lifestyle decisions and accept responsibility for their own health-related behaviors and outcomes.


What's here?

Within this site you can learn:

  • about medicinal herbs, including essential oils
  • various herbal treatments for many diseases
  • how to use herbs as part of healthy living
  • details of 95 common medicinal herbs
  • where to find highest quality medicinal herbs

The detailed version

About Herbs
This section explains methods of gathering and conserving herbs, explains herbal actions, talks about using herbs for health and gives practical guidelines for how to prepare herbs for medicinal use. It also covers the essential oils. The important topic of herb safety is covered.
We take the traditional body system approach here. We don't scare you with "integumentary system", preferring to talk about healthy skin. We also talk about bones and muscles rather than the "musculo-skeletal system" but other more standard names are used, like circulatory, digestive, immune and the other systems. Herbal and other treatments for several common diseases from each system are presented.
Healthy Living
Here we include many simple herbal remedies that we call first aid. We also list herbs to avoid while pregnant. Safety in the use of herbs is a strong theme.
Herbs A » Z
This is a biggie! There are details for 95 common herbs so far. They are currently organized into seven groups, simply alphabetically based. There are details on usage and safety. Most even include how to grow the herbs for keen gardeners.
This section will soon be developed to include our recommendations of the highest quality herbs. Without relaxing quality standards we will ensure they represent excellent value for money.
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