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This page contains links to various sites considered to be of value to you, our visitor. Since this site is about herbs and health, that's basically what you'll find here! We intend to make this an annotated links page, so a few words will be offered to explain each link we provide for you.

We will also include links to sites that provide us with valuable assistance we'd like to acknowledge. Note that all links to other sites will open in a new window.

If you would like to recommend a site for inclusion please let us know. Just send us the details using the form below. If you would like to link to our site, that would be welcome and we'd love to know about your link. Be aware however, that we do not automatically link to a site just because it provides a link to ours. So if you link to us purely to receive a reciprocal link, you may be wasting your time.



Health Products


Nutritional Health


Herb Sources

A good source for culinary herbs is Always Summer Herbs. They supply whole plant herbs and some vegetables and more. Wisely, they employ an environmentally friendly pest management system with no organophosphate or chlorinated pesticides. Take a look at their site.

Self-Help & Personal Development

Holistic Healing Central

To make lasting, positive change by resolving your limiting beliefs and emotions, using the very best techniques from counselling and holistic therapies, we recommend Holistic Healing Central. There are great articles and practical guides teaching you how to transform your life and best of all, access to personal, one-on-one help from Nicola Siddons, a remarkable lady.


Health News


Beyond Herbs



Valued Helpers

Site Search Engine.

Healthlinks Directory.

General Wellbeing

For an educational program, or guide, on achieving lasting health and vitality through complete inner cleansing and effective cellular nutrition, see and don't be put off by the name.

Responsible use of herbs is recommended. After all, it does say safe colon cleansing.

Professional Development

For nurses, but anyone interested is welcome.

Primary Health Care

Therapeutic Communication


Service Providers

Health First is India's first and fastest growing healthcare service provider network comprising of hospitals and clinics; specialist treatment centres; fitness and health centres; spas and holistic wellness centres; and more.



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