Resources For Keen School Students

The Herb Health Guide is delighted to welcome all school students, their teachers and parents. Exploring the many wonders of the natural world is a special privilege granted to fortunate learners. For those of you who would like to discover more of the ways that nature provides support for our health and wellbeing we provide this page on our website. Though it may have a small and quiet beginning, we hope that it will grow to help many of you.

This page is dedicated to Ms. Alicia Henderson, 6th Grade Teacher, Montgomery Charter School, May 2011 and her students. It was Ms. Henderson who requested our help and provided the first link below. Well done Ms. Henderson and very best wishes to your students!


Organic Essential Oils (For Ms. Henderson's class.)

Here is a link to a page that will point you to a lot of interesting information. Think of it as a starting point in your exploration.

Organic Essential Oils

Herb Garden Guide (For Ms. Myers' class - thanks Ashley.)

This link takes you to a page with a lot of great information about how to start your own garden. It is especially geared towards kids, herbal remedies and cooking.

Herb Garden Guide

Garden Basics for Kids (For Ms. Deborah Ward's class - thanks Amy.)

This link takes you to a page with more great information about gardening. It provides some wonderful project ideas for kids and should give you plenty to sink your teeth into!

Garden Basics for Kids